Satkago 19 PCS Flower Butterfly Patch Embroidery Iron-on Clothes Patches for T-shirt Jeans

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No worry about the flaw or ugly hole on your clothes anymore if you have these cute patches!
You can use these patches to cover the flaw part of your clothes or just for DIY decoration.
Set includes  19 different styles different size available for your basic needs.
Vivid styling with detailed embroidery, cool and fashion.
Great for T-shirt, skirt, jeans, vests, hats, backpack, clothing, curtain, pillow, scarf, quilt, etc.

Material: cloth
Average size: 4.5 x 5.8 - 6.3 x 6.8 cm/1.77 x 2.28 - 2.48 x 2.68 inch
Iron-on Instructions:
1. Set iron to hottest setting. Do not use water or steam.
2. Cover patch with a fine cloth.
3. Press firmly with iron for about 30-60 seconds.
4. Repeat ironing on the reverse side.
5. Allow patch to cool before testing.
6. Repeat the process if needed to ensure the patch is secure.
1. Only 12pcs patches, 1 paper storage box, other items is not included.
2. Some of these patches have adhesive on the back, which can become sticky after being heated by a iron.
3. If there is not adhesive on the back, you can fix them by sewing.
4. Do not iron patch on delicate cloths, or any materials that will fail under extreme heat such as leather, satin, nylon fabrics, rain wear (water-proof), or highly elastic fabrics...
For materials such as these the patches can be stitched.

1 Set x Satkago Clothes Patches (19 PCS)
1 x Paper Storage Box.