3pcs Satkago 15inch DIY Foam Airplane Toy Plane Aircraft Model for Kids Children Boys Girls

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Airplane toys is one of the most poupular toys for kids, also one of the toys which children prefer to most.
"Fun, Challenging, Excellent" is the conspicuous sign of Satkago 2nd Generation Manual Flying Foam Airplane.
Satkago 2nd Generation Manual Flying Foam Airplane has 2 flight mode :glider mode and reversal mode; it has 2 ways of playing: catapulted & hand throw, each airplane equipped with 1pcs slingshot and  rubber band;it is small and convenient to carry while it is dismantled.
Professional Design: 1,it is 15 inches and can fly more than 20 meters in an open area with 5-15 angle operate correctly;2,Non-toxic EPP high-polymer foam materials;3,need no battery; 4, easy to install, very light and hard to damage. 5.The slingshot method is suitable for children from 3 to 8 years old that strength is weaker, the another hand throwing method is suitable for children up to 8 years old. Really a cool toy gift for kids summer picnics or air-show.
Fancy Gift Idea: it is a popular gift and perfect party favors for kids.

1. Enhance children's hands-on ability and creativity,
2. Keeps them away from TV and internet for hours.
3. Good for children health, Throw airplane toy can Let the children run.
4. Learning how to launch and control it will help your youngsters develop coordination
5. Improve your concentrations
6. Leave a good memory of childhood to kids
7. Communicative link between you and your kids

Enjoy the wonderful time of parent-child games with this funny airplane set.
Two Flying Mode
Fly in glider mode: Insert the small wing into the tail hole below
Fly in reversal mode: Insert the small wing into the tail hole above
Satkago 2nd Upgrade Tail wing-stabilizer Design.
The function of the tailplane is to provide stability and control. In particular, the tailplane helps adjust for changes in position of the center of pressure or center of gravity caused by changes in speed and attitude. In flexible wings, much of a wing surface can change shape in flight to deflect air flow much like an ornithopter. This is generally done by modifying the wing design, for example by varying the angle of incidence in the span-wise direction (wing washout or twist), or by using reflexed camber airfoils.
Adjust the angle of flight with our soft tail, fly into a head wind or with a tail wind, and more to change how these Planes fly!

Sometimes it appeared to be plummeting toward the ground?

ANSWER: Adjust upward the tail wing
The plane flew off the direction.
Adjust the main wing to make sure the each side of airframe in the same level.
How far can this plane fly ??
ANSWER: The simple design will fly easily, but it also depends on arm strength and angle, just don't worry. Try more and find out more flight possibilities.


Materials: EPP high-polymer foam
Color: Blue, Orange, red
Size: 15 x 15 x 3 inch/38 x 38 x 7.8cm
Suitable Age: 3+
Correct Throw Angle: 5-15 Degree
Glider Mode Reference Ejection Angle: 5-15 degree
Reversal Mode Reference Ejection Angle: upward degree
Please be careful not to use for children under 3 years of age
Use in a wide range of areas to avoid injury to others and damage planes

1 x Satkago Blue Airplane
1 x Satkago Orange Airplane
1 x Satkago Red Airplane
3 x Slingshot
6 x Rubber band
1 x User Manual